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KEA is a national engineering company specializing in transportation solutions.  Our cutting-edge research and development in transportation applications allows us to provide innovative solutions to the transportation domain. Our team members and partners have performed rail engineering, research, and development for the past 40 years. Through this work, we have developed extensive subject-matter expertise regarding railroad research, development, testing and evaluation. The KEA team’s extensive and significant railroad experience in modeling, simulation, field testing, and safety evaluations in all the program areas will enable us to provide strong team leadership.  Many of the team’s research efforts have led to real-world changes in the railroad industry through our objective collaboration with all the major railroads, labor unions, and FRA.

KEA team members have been critical in developing instrumentation for the FRA such as a Directive Audible Warning Device (AWD), a locomotive fuel vapor reclamation unit, wireless sensor motes and sensor integration, and an advance cushioning device for freight locomotives. Our team members have investigated effects of whole body vibration, fuel tank fire safety, and crashworthiness and survivability of locomotive cabs.  Through this work, we have developed extensive subject-matter expertise in research, development, testing, and evaluation. Given the vast railroad experience among KEA employees, we are confident to provide program management, technical input in the design and fabrication of instrumentations, testing and planning operations, engineering analyses, modeling, testing, and evaluation, and equipment maintenance and storage.